Monday, May 07, 2007

It's true, I really was born!

Finally, my birth certificate arrived, notarized, certified and authenticated. Today I put it in the hands of the US Post Office, and am keeping my fingers crossed that it'll arrive safe and sound in the Chicago Guatemalan Consulate tomorrow by noon. The USPS has tried my nerves... I talked with the Illinois authentication office last Friday, and was told that my certificate left their office on April 18. Well, instead of putting in my mail box, the USPS decided to forward it to my parents' house. In fact, much of my mail is now being forwarded to my parents' house. The USPS has even sent notices to various businesses that mail me regularly to inform them of my *new* address, so now my parents are receiving bank statements, bills, etc. -- all meant for me! AAARRRGGHHH! My parents lived here briefly while their house was being built, and then filled out forwarding address forms (each individually) so that they'd get their mail that was coming here forwarded to their new house. So now, more than four months later, the USPS has decided they should also forward all my mail to my parents. I'm highly annoyed.

Well, at least my parents live only a half-hour away, and they kindy brought my birth certificate here last night so I could get it out asap. My agency did tell me that they received my Virginia divorce papers from the D.C. Guatemalan consulate so hooray! I'm so nearly done with the dotting of i's and crossing of t's, and wrapping up the dossier.

And hopefully soon I'll get a referral. That will be amazing. It really is all amazing.

As for other news, Disney World was too much fun. I'm so glad I was able to take the G man to Disney, and that my parents were able to share it with us. G really had a blast, as did we all. At breakfast on the first day we went to Magic Kingdom, G colored a picture of Mickey M. and announced that he wanted to give it to Mickey when he saw him. It was too cute. G walked up to Mickey, handed him the pic, and gave him a big hug.

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