Thursday, June 26, 2008

He Blinds Me With His Science

This morning, when I dropped Griffin off at Science camp, the camp instructor walked him to the door, saying: Let's skip there! Griffin enthusiastically began his "skip"... a half-run, half-walk with a little bounce of his body at the start of each step. In one hand, he was holding onto his rocket that he bought home from camp yesterday to finish decorating; in the other, his lunch bag containing a snack. His "almost skip" was the best thing I've seen in awhile. I want to sear it in my memory, to call upon it whenever I'm sad or overwhelmed or worried. It was so precious.

The morning started off with a little humor from my little scientist. Griffin: Mom, do you know what Gabby's (the pup) favorite vitamin is? Me: No. What? Griffin: A BITA-min.

Too funny. I'm sure that joke's been told somewhere sometime by somebody, but my amazing little guy had never heard it and thought it up all on his own, while finishing breakfast. I love him with all my heart.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Week

Okay, so it wasn't terrible being back at work. Our new nanny is great, and even though Izzie cries still as soon as she arrives, she's quickly over it since the nanny is so sweet to her and plays with her all the time. Griffin had a week of gymnastics camp -- which he LOVED! -- and next week is science camp, and then he gets full attention from the nanny in the afternoons too, so he has had a good time as well! I'm at home, so I get to see their sweet faces a lot, and I can get a kiss and hug any time too!
It's Saturday now, and it's a rainy, stormy morning so far. We need the rain, but geez, I wish it could have rained during the week instead of on my day off! To boot, Griffin started complaining of a headache last night, and now has a slight fever. He's asleep now, and Izzie's been napping for about 45 minutes. So, our Saturday will be an indoor one. And low-key. I hope to be able to run some errands this afternoon, as we are preparing for the big Welcome Home party next weekend for Izzie. My neighbors, who adopted a little boy from Guatemala a year and a half ago, and I are having a Fiesta! celebrating Izzie's homecoming and their little boy's second birthday. We've invited a bunch of folks from the neighborhood, plus other friends and family. We are going to have a taco bar, margaritas, and more! It'll be fun.
I better go before children awake. Here's a few fun photos from the last few weeks!