Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Week

Okay, so it wasn't terrible being back at work. Our new nanny is great, and even though Izzie cries still as soon as she arrives, she's quickly over it since the nanny is so sweet to her and plays with her all the time. Griffin had a week of gymnastics camp -- which he LOVED! -- and next week is science camp, and then he gets full attention from the nanny in the afternoons too, so he has had a good time as well! I'm at home, so I get to see their sweet faces a lot, and I can get a kiss and hug any time too!
It's Saturday now, and it's a rainy, stormy morning so far. We need the rain, but geez, I wish it could have rained during the week instead of on my day off! To boot, Griffin started complaining of a headache last night, and now has a slight fever. He's asleep now, and Izzie's been napping for about 45 minutes. So, our Saturday will be an indoor one. And low-key. I hope to be able to run some errands this afternoon, as we are preparing for the big Welcome Home party next weekend for Izzie. My neighbors, who adopted a little boy from Guatemala a year and a half ago, and I are having a Fiesta! celebrating Izzie's homecoming and their little boy's second birthday. We've invited a bunch of folks from the neighborhood, plus other friends and family. We are going to have a taco bar, margaritas, and more! It'll be fun.
I better go before children awake. Here's a few fun photos from the last few weeks!


Laurie said...

A taco bar and margaritas!! Before I get there! LOL I hope you guys have a great time and can't wait to see you all. I found a webcam at a pier somewhere around OIB this morning to show Bella the ocean. I said looks like it is raining there! Guess I was right! Love the new pictures. Griffin and Bella can share gymnastics stories!

Mary Pat said...

I'm glad your 1st week back was not as painful as it could have been had you worked OUTSIDE the home! What a BLESSING you are there with everyone!!

The pictures of the kids are awesome ... Izzie is adorable .. and Griffin looks like such an AWESOME BIG BROTHER!!!! You all are so BLESSED!

I wish I could be there for your Marg's and taco bar!!! Sounds like a BLAST!