Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Work Looms

On June 16, I officially go back to work. Now, I know I shouldn't whine. I work for a great company and have a great boss who is very supportive... and most fantastic -- I work from home! And I'll have a nanny here, so Izzie will be here with me, albeit in the next room. Griffin, too, will be in and out (here and at various science, golf, swim, and vacation bible school camps). But oh have I enjoyed playing stay-at-home mommy for the last three months. I wish and wish and wish it could go on for a longer period of time. I wish I could win the lottery (guess I'd have to buy those little tickets!?!). I love the freedom and flexibility staying at home gives me. Laundry can get done, or it can wait because the beach or park beckons. Dinner can be a frozen pizza or something much more elaborate, and can be on the table by 5:30 so evenings can progress at a much more relaxed pace. Cups of coffee in the morning while Izzie happily plays with her toys, trips to the grocery store that are easy and whenever, walks in the neighborhood... and on and on. Sure it isn't perfect, but it is wonderful. Ah well, I am extremely blessed to have had these three months!!! Now, a few photos...

Bro and Sis

Dancing Queen

Sweet Sleep

Nina Bonita

Wotr Snacs aka Water Snakes

p.s. The snakes aren't real, but I did cave in to the boy's request for a Hermit Crab. Crabby, as the little fellow is affectionately called, moved in two days ago. So our family of four is now five: Mommy, Griffin, Izzie, Gabby, and Crabby.


Madelyn's Mommy said...

I know what you mean about not wanting to go back to work! I dreaded coming back when I was at home for maternity leave.

Your children are just precious. She looks so happy!


JuJu - said...

Too Cute:) Looking forward to meeting you :):)

Mary Pat said...
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Mary Pat said...

First off ... I'm so sorry you have to go back to work full time. I wish you could stay working on a part-time basis ... but we all know reality ... that luxury is few and far between. It will be GREAT though that you work from home, and can be there with Izzie & Griff. The adjustment will be a lot easier than you having to leave them and go INTO the office. So, if there is a silver lining, that has to be it. :)

NOW, and most importantly ... Beth, Izzie is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Her smile not only from her mouth, but the smile in her eyes shows just how truly happy she is, and how deeply she grown to love both you and her BIG BROTHER! Every picture you have taken and posted just shows how content and adjusted she is. It's AWESOME!!! It's awesome to see how well you all have adjusted and how you all have truly grown to be the "perfect" little family.

I will call you this week ... I love you and keep doing what you are ... IT'S WORKING ... :)

Mary Pat said...
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