Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Turning One

Happy Birthday Izzie! Our sweetness turned one on April 23 (sorry my post is so belated, she's now almost 13 months old!) Some of the milestones: she's taking her first steps, she gives kisses, she has about 13 teeth!, she has the start of a few words... hi/hey, leche.
She's fiercely independent, but prefers to be in the same room as others and not alone. She has a fiesty sense of humor. The other day, she reached into the dog's water bowl and I said "No No No Izzie." She stopped, then reached again but instead of putting her hand in the bowl she pulled it back, turned to me and grinned. Then, she did it again, as if to say... "tee hee hee mommy, look what I'm about to do. Ha ha! Just joking. Had you fooled, didn't I?"
She loves Griffin, who in turn loves her. He loves to make her laugh and giggle. He loves to play with her in the bath tub. And he loves to be the one that gets to teach her about things: "No No Izzie, don't pull the dog's tail. That will hurt the dog." or "No No Izzie, it is dangerous to climb up on the bed."
Griffin of course is also exhibiting typical brother behavior. He's declared a portion of the room they share together as 'his side,' in which Izzie is not allowed.
All in all, things are fabulous! Hectic, yes, but fabulous!
On a separate note, there are still many families waiting to complete their adoption processes and to bring their children home. The Guatemala system is hitting snag after snag. Please pray for everyone involved... that God will lift up the families and children as they endure this wait, that God will inspire the hearts of those running the show to put the children first and set aside their different political and idealogical agendas, and that God will change the hearts of those that have acted at best unethically and at worst criminally as they worked in adoptions.
I'll leave you with some super cuteness!

My first birthday cupcake tastes great and wears well!

Hosiery - More fun than a bag of toys!

Puppy Love!

A day at the beach.

Izzie's world-famous yoga pose: One-Arm Volcano Pose!

The most handsome mug at Wrightsville Beach!


Stacy said...

The volcano pose cracked me up!


Mary Pat said...

WOW ... how time flies when you just BLINK!!! I can't get over how fast things are changing for all of you! Izzie is 1 already ... how exciting she got to spend her 1 yr birthday with her LOVING MOMMY and BIG BROTHER! It's such a MIRACLE!

She is beautiful Beth ... I can't wait to FINALLY put my arms around her!

I'm so proud of Griffin too ... what a GREAT BIG BROTHER ... you are raising such INCREDIBLE children Beth ... but you had GREAT ROLE MODELS!!! Your Mom & Dad are incredible people themselves, so how could ANYONE expect ANYTHING less... you are just ... so awesome ... I strive to be just 1/2 the mother YOU are!!!

I LOVE YOU ... keep us posted on everything, and enjoy every minute!!!

Mary Pat said...

I love the cupcake picture ... Looks like SHE LOVED IT TOO!!!

I'm looking forward to Hunter's 1 year birthday ... I can't wait to see what he will do to a cupcake! ;)


Post MORE pictures ...

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Happy Birthday!!! (late).....the party looked like it was so fun.

Laurie said...

How cute! So glad you guys are settling in well. Hope to see you guys real soon!