Monday, April 21, 2008

The Amazing Izzie

She is pure love.

I know it has been an eon since we reported we were going to Guatemala to bring Izzie home. I had every intention of getting her picture up and letting you all know all is well. It is. Beyond well. We are all adjusting and settling and falling in love. Griffin is such a super big brother. His favorite thing about Izzie: "She's a baby!" And what he likes about having a baby sister: "When she is happy, I can make her giggle."
Izzie giggles and smiles a lot! She is such a happy, sweet girl. I will write more and post more pictures, but here are a few. We are very busy, and having a blast!


Madelyn's Mommy said...

YAAAAAY! I have been wondering.

She is just beautiful!!!


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh my......she is JUST ADORABLE!!!!! I love, love, love her smile!!! :-)


Laurie said...

YEAH! I wondered what happened to you guys. Izzy is just beautiful and looks very happy and lovin' her family.

Mary Pat said...

WOW BETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I've been looking every week for an update!!!

I can't get over how well, and quickly she has just settled right in as if she were born to you!!

Grif does look like he is the OHHH SO HAPPY BIG BROTHER! You can see the love in his eyes!!! I bet he is just gaga over his baby sister!!!!

Your parents look incredible ... DO THEY AGE ... EVER???? You parents don't look a year older at all ... they are incredible!!!

I love you ... please keep us posted ... she's beautiful ... make sure you post one with the 3 of you ... the newest happy family!!!

You should write a book about your whole adoption process and such .. you have such a way of writing ... and with all your research you have done ... it would be a best seller for parents who wish to adopt!