Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Handsome Guy

The G man has had to get glasses, and boy is he too handsome in them. He is doing great wearing them, although he did manage to step on them just about a week after getting them. Luckily, they didn't break. Kids' glasses ain't cheap! Anyway, let's hope that wearing the glasses will correct (or improve) the vision in his right eye. Otherwise he may have to start wearing a patch too. While he would look like his cool friend Q in his patch and glasses, I'm hoping we don't have to patch. Q wears his patch very well, but it is still a struggle (according to his mom). Okay, here's a pic of Griff with his new glasses, standing next to R2D2 and CP30 (or is it C3PO) at our post office. Griffin made me bring the camera so we could get a pic of his favorite little robot R2D2, who lives (according to Griffin) in robot land, which is a big, big desert. Does anyone remember the beginning of the first Star Wars (in order of how the movies came out) when Luke bought R2D2 and CP30, and then R2D2 ran away. That is as far as we got when watching the movie about six months ago, because Griffin got very upset and worried about R2D2 getting lost. But those 15 minutes of the movie left a big impression... and Griffin still recalls what robot land looks like.

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