Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby Sister Needs A Name!

Help! I feel like I'm trapped in a Berenstain Bears episode, because I refer to our sweet baby girl as baby sister. I'm trying so hard to think of the right name for her, and I'm doing it in the confines of just a few choices. I want to include my mom's name and I'd like to use something from our little girl's given name, and/or part of her birth mom's name.

So that leaves me with but a few options:

Mary Isabela
Isabela Mary
Haydee Marianne

Which way to go? The little G guy wants to call her Izzie, so his vote is for Isabela Mary or Mary Isabela. Perhaps if we went with Mary Isabela, we could instead use the nickname of Maisey, which I also like. At least two very dear friends have voted for Haydee Marianne, because Haydee is unusual, but cute.

Stay tuned...

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