Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Will The Loose Ends End?

I'm still awaiting the blasted birth certificate, but I was able to get a hold of the Illinois folk as they were processing my request, so now I'll not only get the certificate, it'll be authenticated too! Then it goes to the Guatamalan consulate in Chicago. The divorce certificate is in, and authenticated. But did I tell you it doesn't mention anything about me taking back my maiden name... a document that must be part of my dossier? Well, now I have to get the divorce decree from the court authenticated too. Luckily, the Virginia authentication office called today and I should have it tomorrow. Despite the confusion I had with them, they really stepped up. The woman I spoke with this evening was personally dropping it of at the Fedex drop off box. Thank you Virginia!
The most exciting news is that my agency thinks I might see a referral in the next month or so. No guarantees, but still... wow! I know that's when the big wait sets in, but it really is exciting.
Speaking of exciting, in just two days the G man and I will be on a plane to DisneyWorld. Grams and Papa are meeting us there, and we are going to have fun fun fun! Especially Griffin. He so deserves this; he really is my wonderful sweet boy. He had kindergarten assessment today. It is so hard to believe my little guy will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I'm very proud of him!
Well, I must get to work on some freelance projects I have.
Ciao for now.

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