Monday, April 16, 2007

The Blasted Birth Certificate

So obviously the divorce decree has put a kink in my process. But how tough is it to get a birth certificate? I sent for it the first week of March, and here it is the third week of April and nada! I do hope it comes in the mail this week... or at least by early next week! Regardless, we're going to DISNEYWORLD! Yep, gotta go for a conference and thought it'd be a great opportunity to take the little monkeydoodle down there. I can't say he's overly excited about it, but I'm sure it's because he really has no concept of what Disneyworld is to kids. I'm so excited to see how much fun he is going to have. My dear parents are coming with us, and they'll watch my guy while I work at the conference during the week. It is going to be fun.

Ciao for now. I've got some serious deadlines this week!

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