Monday, April 02, 2007

NC off to GC, two more to go

On Friday I sent off a stack of notarized and authenticated docs (all done in NC) to the Guatemalan consulate in Georgia, where they'll legalize them. I hit my first little snag with my docs (done in VA). My divorce decree from the courthouse needed to be authenticated, not certified, in order to get authenticated again by the VA state department. Go figure. So back to square one with that. Luckily the courthouse is very quick, and then I'll send the two docs to VA state department for authentication, then send those off to get authenticated again by the GC in DC. Still waiting for my birth certificate from IL, then that has to go to the GC in Chicago. Are you with me? Well, once all that is done I'll have my paperwork finished. And hopefully that'll all come together by Mayish, the same time I hope to get my CIS approval. Then sometime after that, hopefully a referral!
Now that I'm this far along in the process, I cannot stop thinking about her. I'm finding it hard to work. But work I must.
Griffin is on Spring break this week and spending lots of time with his grams and papa. He is very happy to be at their house having lots of sleepovers. Of course, it is very quiet here... and it is only 1 p.m. and they all just left a few hours ago. It is going to be a quiet lonely week. Luckily I have more than enough work and projects to keep me busy.
I'll also be anxiously checking the mail every day. Dernit, I wish my birth certificate would arrive!
Adios for now.

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