Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two Days! Too Excited!

I can hardly work. I can't believe in two days I will finally get to meet in person her sweetness. I have a ton of things to do between now and the flight early Friday morning, but the only stuff I want to do is that which is related to our trip to see Izzie. Writing stories about RFID is very challenging at the moment.

Of course I have the typical angst of leaving my precious Griffin, and every time I think about leaving him tears well up in my eyes. I am such a wuss. But I love him to the moon and back and around the world a million, million, million, million times, and more than that even! I wish he could come with me and my mom, but he (and my dad and mom) will make the trip to bring Izzie home, hopefully in December.

Please keep us in your prayers that we have a safe journey, and that the ongoing adoption crisis in Guatemala resolves, and that Izzie and the thousands of other babies can join their forever families.

Adios. I'll post new pics when we return.

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Lea said...

I'm so excited for you and look forward to the pictures when you return.

Safe travels and lots of hugs for Izzie.