Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Final Review

I've gotten word that our file is now in the hands of PGN, the Procuraduria General de la Nacion. PGN is the Guatemalan agency that will review all the paperwork on me, Izzie, and her birth mother (we've already been reviewed by the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala, and the Guatemalan Family Court). Word is that PGN is averaging about two months, if you have no kickouts (the so-called previos). Those are given when the PGN reviwer doesn't like something he or she sees in the file. If there's a kickout, the attorneys have to fix the issue, the resubmit the file, where it starts again at the beginning of the queue. And the average two-month clock starts ticking again.

So, our file was submitted on Oct. 5. Two months from now will be Dec. 5 -- my birthday. What a grand birthday present it would be to receive PGN approval. Of course, I'd love to get an early birthday present!

In the near-term, my mother and I are headed to meet Izzie in less than two weeks!


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