Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She's All That!

The Amazing Izzie. She really is. My mom and I fell in love with her precious heart. She really is the sweetest, gentlest, loving-est, cutest, beautiful-est, cuddliest, darling-est baby girl ever! Our visit in Guatemala with Mary Isabela was perfect (except of course we had to say goodbye.) She did really well considering she had to stay in a hotel room for three days with two complete strangers... who of course are her mommy and her abuela who love her so so so so much. At first she wasn't sure she wanted us to give her a bottle, and the foster mother (who is great!) was worried Izzie might not drink her bottle. She wouldn't look at me when I gave her the bottle, and would slowly drink it down. By the middle of the second day though she started to trust us, and by the third day all was well. She slept with me in the big bed, after my three unsuccesful attempts the first night to get her to sleep in the crib. Trouble is, I'm so short that I could not lay her down in the crib very easily (this was a very simple hotel crib and the sides did not come down). Three times poor Izzie would be sound asleep in my arms and then I'd go try and lay her in the crib, and it was pretty much gentle, gentle, gentle... then almost a free-fall! the last six inches as I tried desperately to lay her down as softly as I could manage. She'd of course wake up, eyes frantically looking around to find out who rudely awakened her from her slumber, then pucker up her sweet bow of a mouth into a big cry. I told my mom, enough is enough. I'm a veteran co-sleeper (Griffie slept with me for his first few years) and so we pushed the bed up against the wall, took all the big blankets off and she laid next to me and slept so sweetly. I actually loved the opportunity as I think it was a great way for us to bond.
I told my mom that for Izzie, it was probably a bit like a baby spa... three days of two ladies attending to her every want and need, holding her all the time, playing with her, fully focused on her, talking to her. For us it was heaven.


Leaving her in Guatemala was very, very hard, and it makes the wait now seem even harder. Especially since today I got bad news: we got a previo this week from PGN, which means that our file was kicked out. In our case, it was for a minor technicality. Apparently PGN didn't think the photocopy of the birthmother's birth certificate was dark enough so they kicked the file out. UGH!!! Now our attorneys have to go back to the province where the birthmother is from to get a new (darker) photocopy of the birthmother's birth certificate because it has to be stamped from the powers-that-be in that province. This is on the West coast of Guatemala, so they have to drive several hours to take care of this. Hopefully we will get resubmitted to PGN early next week. Needless to say, this delays our case because typically your case is going to take at least 8 weeks to get through PGN, and every time you get a previo, that 8-week countdown starts over. With the Christmas holidays coming up, it is now very likely that we won't get approval from PGN before the new year. That is not good news.

Please keep us in your prayers.

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Katie said...

I hope and pray that you are out of PGN soon !!!