Thursday, February 14, 2008


More exciting news to report. As of now, I am officially, legally, wonderfully, and HAPPILY Mary Isabela's mommy!!!! I got a call from my agency last night and Izzie now has a modified birth certificate and Guatemalan passport with my last name on it. The final adoption decree has been issued. And the U.S. Embassy has authorized the final DNA test, a test that will compare Izzie's DNA with the sample that was taken when she was just a few months old. The sample (using a cotton swab on her cheek) will be taken by a U.S.-approved embassy doctor, likely by week's end. Then the sample will be sent to a U.S. lab for testing, and the results will be overnighted back to the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala. From there, embassy officials review the results and then make an appointment for me and Izzie to be at the embassy, so she can receive her U.S. Visa to travel into the U.S.!!!! We really are on the home stretch. Hallelujah! We still won't know when we'll travel (until we get the e-mail from the U.S. Embassy telling us when our appointment is) but it could very well be the week of March 10!!!

Oh, and anaranjado is "orange" which is what is referred to for DNA Authorization. When we get our embassy appointment, that's rosado "pink."

It is really time to get all the last-minute stuff done on my list. Izzie will be home soon!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


Madelyn's Mommy said...

Izzie will be home VERY SOON!!! I know you are excited. I will be praying that the DNA is done very soon so you can move onto PINK!!!!!


Stacie said...

I received my son's BC on the 14th as well...maybe we will get our pinks on the same day!

Mary Pat said...

OH MY GODSH ...... Time is flying!!!! You are going to have her home before you know it. I can't believe it's almost here!!!! Only a few more weeks Bethers!!!!!