Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Major Hurdle Cleared!

We got the results back from the DNA test Izzie had with her birthmom, and all is good. It feels really good to have that hurdle cleared. Now, our adoption file will be submitted to the U.S. Embassy for review, and hopefully in 50-60 days the powers that be will grant us pre-approval. We're looking at early October. And that's the month my mother and I are thinking about going to visit her sweetness. Once pre-approval, or PA, is granted, then our adoption file gets submitted to the Guatemalan government agency (aka PGN) that will review our case. That'll take a few more months.

I have to say it really broke my heart looking at the DNA results paper. There's a polaroid photo of Izzie and her birthmom, who despite being only 19 looks much older. I'm sure... life in Guatemala is not easy, and being so young, and single, and having to relinquish your child, must surely steal away the bliss and beauty of youth. But I hope in Izzie's birthmom's heart, there is a sliver of peace. Because Izzie is so very loved, by so very many. Already and always.

In addition to the photo, there are two thumbprints: A big one, Izzie's birthmom's, and a tiny, tiny one, Izzie.

And finally, in the photo, Izzie is wearing the little dress I sent her. Her foster mommy put the dress on I'm sure specifically for the very important day. So there Izzie was, in the lap of her birthmom and wearing a dress from her mommy.

Godspeed to bring her home.

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Lea said...

Congratulations on this accomplishment!

I know exactly how you felt when you saw the Polariod of Izzie and her birth mom. It broke our hearts to know that is the only picture Andrew will ever see of his birth mother and in it she looks very sad. We had a hard time with that for a while and will again when he is old enough to want to see the picture.

I am so glad Izzie was wearing the dress you sent her. Doesn't that melt your heart that she already has a piece of you?!