Thursday, July 19, 2007

DNA Test Done!

We got word that Izzie had her DNA test done on July 13, as expected. Her bio mom came to the appointment, and she also had her first Family Court interview. It was great to hear that those two events happened. I am so thankful that Izzie's bio mom has so far been strong enough to continue through with all the necessary appointments. I can only know how I would feel, and I am not sure I would have her strength and conviction to see it all through. I believe that it is love and faith that is shoring her up, and that is what I will share with Izzie about her bio mother. Izzie may not be able to understand it until she becomes a mother herself, but the story of her bio mother's bravery, love, conviction, and faith will be the story I tell her.

I do not really know what Izzie's bio mother feels or thinks. I cannot speak truths of fact, but only truths of faith...

Now we are waiting for the DNA results to come back, which is probably the quickest sub-process in this larger, lengthy adoption process. I expect will get the results in the next few weeks. By the way, once we do, we can go and visit sweet Izzie!

As for my other sweet baby -- Griffin -- he has only 8 more days 'til he turns FIVE! Amazing. We are having a joing b-day party with his buddy Riley, who turns five just four days after Griffin. I've got to go and get my little man's b-day presents. I know my parents bought him an ant farm, something he has been wanting for a long time. So, I guess we will soon have pet ants in the house. That is not necessarily something I relish, so let's just hope this little ant home on the range is super secure, and that no little six-legged creatures escape the joint. I am going to get Griffie some stuff for his PlayMobil castle, and also a new lunch bag for school. I also got him a book and a pencil case for school.

Well, time to get crackin' on work.



Lea said...

Congratulations! You are one step closer to bringing your little girl home.

Lea said...

This may be wishful thinking on my part but....

We are taking a couple of packages down with us to give to the facilitator for the babies. Both packages are for girls. When we picked one of them up to put into the suitcase, it began to talk to us. It was a woman's and a child's voice saying 'hola...we love you'. Is that from you and Griffin?

If you ever feel like contacting me you may at lwaring01 at yahoo dot com.