Friday, February 05, 2010

Behind The Scenes

I'm terrible about taking pictures, and even worse about doing anything with them once I've taken them. Thank goodness for my dad, who takes great pictures a lot and then shares them with me! Anyway, since I have been such a bad blogger and let more than a year lapse between posts and pics, I thought the best thing to do would be to post a few pics, and the stories behind them. So...

Griffin and Izzie do love each other. Griffin of course gets annoyed by his little sister though, and sometimes forbids her in his room or even on the steps leading up to his room. They both can tease each other mercilessly, and can bicker like the best of 'em. But on this day, Griffin went all out: He helped his little sis put on her Princess costume, then built an elaborate stage for thrones. One for Prince Griffin, and one for Princess Izzie.

The Kingdom

Griffin loves to make things, build things, create things. He made me a ring from a leaf, and he used various Izzie toys to make creatures. See for yourself...

A lovely Ring

The Pizza Critter

A Bear

Christmas was amazing this year. My mom and dad and brother spent Christmas Eve at our house, and we went to an amazing Christmas Eve service at our church. Griffin was in the Nativity play; this year he was one of the Wise Men. My parents bought the kids a great book by Mrs. Clause, and she answers kids' questions about Santa. It is a great book and loads of fun! Here they are reading it:

Story Time


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