Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Busy Life

I cannot believe I haven't posted in more than three months. On the other hand, I can. If you notice, my last post was in early July. I hadn't been back to work very long. Griffin hadn't started first grade yet. Summer coasted along reasonably well, although my life was considerably more hectic once I went back to work. But when school started the end of August... WHAM! I don't know why school makes for more busy, but it does. And Griffin started Cub Scouts. WHAM again! And we've been fighting a redistricting proposal that would move Griffin to a different school. Anyway, it has been busy, busy, busy. But, for updates. Griffin is doing fantastic in first grade. He is reading now and is a great speller. He does really well in math too. His obsession and love of science still rules the day. I bought him some Magic School Bus videos and he watches them over and over and over. He learned to ride a two-wheeler. We haven't ridden our bikes to school yet because he still struggles with the starts and stops, but soon we will. I got a bike seat for Izzie and so soon we'll all ride together to school. Speaking of Izzie, she is doing fabulously. I really can tell that she's blossoming and it's almost as if a little weight and sadness has been lifted from her body. Adjusting to a new life and new family hasn't been easy for her, even though she's always been a happy, sweet little girl. But now her spark really sparkles, her smiles are more spontaneous, and she just looks more content and comfortable among us, with us, in our home. She has a few words: done, hi, bye, duck, yes, and she tries to say other words. She carries on little conversations and carries her purse, cell phone and baby around all the time. I'll do my darndest to post again soon. There's lots to talk about.

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Laurie said...

YEAH! I am so glad to hear the latest from you guys! The fall routine does seem to hit us with all sorts of new adjustments! You guys look wonderful!