Monday, January 07, 2008

In The New Year

It is 2008, and lots will happen. Izzie will come home, I truly believe. And I'm hoping sooner than later. Griffin turns six! Now that is amazing. My dear friend Amy will have her third child. We'll elect a new president! And so much more... It will be a very good year, I believe.
Izzie's file was resubmitted Dec. 20th, thank God. I found out the same time rumors were swirling that since the new law took effect (Dec. 31) PGN was no longer accepting new cases nor allowing current cases to be resubmitted after they were kicked out. There are plenty of questions remaining about the process of grandfathering, but apparently we are supposed to hear some news this week (more rumors, but I'm crossing my fingers!)
This has to be quick update, as I've got tons to do today. Izzie never leaves my thoughts, and this wait to bring her home is definitely taxing my emotions. But the sweet Griffin boy constantly rejuvenates me, as does the support of my amazing parents, brother, and friends.
Here's to 2008!

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