Monday, June 11, 2007

Precious Heart

She couldn't be cuter. And so tiny. We finally received new photos and a new video of little Izzie and she is pure love. Of course, while seeing her sweetness makes me so happy, my heart also hurts. I want to scoop her up and can't. I am starting to get this thing called an emotional roller coaster when it comes to international adoption. When I received her referral, and first pictures and video, I was smitten. For days I couldn't stop thinking about her. Then, slowly... for sanity's sake and for the facts of life... I had to disconnect a bit. Her presence, while never forgotten, was less intense.
Then BAM! We get new pictures and a new video and I'm back on an Izzie High. I'm thinking we may just have to make a visit trip. I'm dreaming about her, talking to Griffin about his little sister, sharing her picture with anyone who will look.
Well, only about seven more months of this ride (if we're lucky! say your prayers that our journey to bring Mary Isabela home will be trouble-free).
Good night Izzie. We love you.

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Lea said...

What a beautiful baby girl! And what a handsome son you have!

After reading your past posts, I found that our feelings on adoption, the baby and the emotional roller coaster ride are shared. It is an amazing experience that can be very trying at times. Mandala is a wonderful agency that I'm sure you know is always willing to help.

I am happy that you commented on my blog! Thank you for the kind words. Your time will come soon to bring baby Izzie home!